BIG THINGS HAPPENING!!! PS4 Release, New Infamous Details and Skullgirls DLC!!!

As just about everyone knows, the PS4 has been announced and is expected to be released around holiday (December or November) 2013.

From what they have announced so far the PS4 will be focused on social gaming, with features like the “Share” Button that will allow you to share gameplay with your friends and the ability to play games while they are still downloading.

PS4 logo and Dualshock 4

Launch titles for the console include, Killzone: Shadowfall, Knack, The Witness and Infamous: Second Son.

Knack      Killzone Shadowfall

Speaking of Infamous: Second Son, some of the details about the story have been released.

The story takes place in Seattle, 7 years after Cole McGrath’s death, and revolves around a new protagonist named Delsin Rowe.

After Delsin saved some people from a bus crash he realizes that he has the power to transform and manipulate smoke, Delsin believes that he might have gained his newfound abilities from coming in contact with one of the passengers on the bus.   Gamplay-wise, like the pervious games, it will have the karma meter that will decide if you are Good or Evil; depending on what you decide. That’s as much as I know so far.

Infamous: Second Son

Now on to another video game, a fighting game favorite of mine — Skullgirls.

Skullgirls is getting it’s first DLC character — Squigly!

SG's DLC Character: Squigly

The problem is, to finish Squigly, Lab Zero needs money, so they are looking to people like me and you to donate  so they can continue Skullgirls’ DLC characters and finish thier first DLC Character Squigly. Look at the video down below for more details.

SUPPORT SKULLGIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PS2 R.I.P.

The Playstation 2 was discontinued today. So sad. Playstation and Nintendo are what I grew up with (in my gaming life, anyway) so it’s sad to see that somthing that you grew up on has faded away for existence… R.I.P. PS2. You will be missed.




Review: Django Unchained

As the first part of this post I need to say something to parents. If you’re child is between the ages of 9-11 I suggest your should NOT watch this movie.

Also if you don’t take violence easy then I highly suggest  for your child not to watch this movie.

Now that’s out-of-the-way,  let’s get to the review.

I will say even if you aren’t a Tarantino fan you will love this spaghetti western, Django Unchained.

This movie has a GREAT story and concept, pretty good soundtrack, nice action, humorous scenes and a great cast.

However, N-word was used more than in other word in the whole entire movie. Now we all know that in slavery times — and even now– racism exists but that does not excuse the fact that Tarantino used the N-word in his story many, many times.

One of the funniest parts in movie is by the end of the movie, Django (Jamie Foxx) looks like this:


I give this movie 9.5.

Static Returns To TV?!?!?

I think Cartoon Network is bringing Static back on Young Justice!!!

Yesterday, I was watching Ben 10 on OnDemand and a teaser trailer for DC Nation appeared and showed a clip of an upcoming episode YJ and it showed a black teenage boy with electromagtic powers with drelocks and a hat…

Sound familiar?

DC Honors Dwayne McDuffie!Static in YJ static-shock-1-cover-cropped

Anime Review: Blue Exorcist (Ep 1-10)

Blue Exorcist is an anime and manga series revolving around a rebellious fifteen-year-old boy named Rin, the son of satan and a human woman.

I will be reviewing the anime episodes 1 through 10.

The first thing I have to say is that if your looking foor a sweet anime about school-life, this anime is not for you.

Now if your looking for an anime with supense, crazy actions and fantasy, this is for you.

Also if you watch/read Bleach, Soul Eater or Inuyasha this is for you.


I thought the storyline was going to be fairly boring and i wouldn’t last past episode 5 however the shruggles of Rin’s life and amazing moral compass kept me interested in the show . However I think they should of waited an episode because the writers would of had more time to show Rin’s normal rebellious acts before his powers activated.


The animation is awesome hats off to the animators.


The opening for the episodes I have watched  is very nice, it combines a very urban feel with rock and little jazz. Huge plus.


Though it’s not the most creative thing to make the protaginist a rebellious teen in an anime it is to make the character basically super on the side of good though using the power of darkness.

Score: 8.5 =pretty good

You can watch the Blue Exorcist on Hulu.